January 25, 2021 News

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Patriot Party Officially Filed

Donald Trump Announces ‘Office of the Former President’, Pledges to ‘Carry on the Agenda of the Trump Administration’

Patriots Worldwide Forum The Greater Reset #TheGreaterReset January 25-29, 2021 Join the Discussion “If it is up to us, so be it!”

Davos Agenda January 25-29, 2021 Discussing #TheGreatReset

Xi, Modi Expected for ‘virtual’ Davos in Era of Pandemic

Janet Yellen Confirmed as First Female Treasury Secretary in U.S. History *This Is What Politico Wants US to Know

Help Ensure Legitimate Audit, Contact Arisona Officials & Demand Deep Dive Audit Maricopa County Election Results

Democrats Attempt to Purge Civil Servant from Job Over Prior Work for Nunes, Trump Administration

Buyers Remorse: Ute Indian Tribe Lashes Biden Administration, Restricting Federal Development a Direct Attack of Economy Sovereignty

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